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Season 1 Isabail by Yaten-Kous-Girl Season 1 Isabail :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 0 0 Season 1 Chase by Yaten-Kous-Girl Season 1 Chase :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 2 0 Toni by Yaten-Kous-Girl Toni :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 2 0 Season 1 Quinn by Yaten-Kous-Girl Season 1 Quinn :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 4 0 Superntaural Poster by Yaten-Kous-Girl Superntaural Poster :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 1 0 Season 3 Andi by Yaten-Kous-Girl Season 3 Andi :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 3 0 Season 2 Andi by Yaten-Kous-Girl Season 2 Andi :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 1 0 Season 1 Andi by Yaten-Kous-Girl Season 1 Andi :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 1 0 Aranduriel by Yaten-Kous-Girl Aranduriel :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 1 0 Ellemire by Yaten-Kous-Girl Ellemire :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 3 1 Eva and Blaire by Yaten-Kous-Girl Eva and Blaire :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 1 0 Alice by Yaten-Kous-Girl Alice :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 2 1 Chloe Singer by Yaten-Kous-Girl Chloe Singer :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 1 0 Quinn Niccoli by Yaten-Kous-Girl Quinn Niccoli :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 1 0 MacKenzie by Yaten-Kous-Girl MacKenzie :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 1 0 Orignial Gwendalyn 1 by Yaten-Kous-Girl Orignial Gwendalyn 1 :iconyaten-kous-girl:Yaten-Kous-Girl 1 0
These are art trades, pieces done for fun and manga pages. I hope you like them all.


Inkvember IX - Frankly Indy, I don't give a damn. by SplatterPhoenix Inkvember IX - Frankly Indy, I don't give a damn. :iconsplatterphoenix:SplatterPhoenix 31 21 Supernatural 12 Seasons by KamiDiox Supernatural 12 Seasons :iconkamidiox:KamiDiox 149 43
Break up Blues Ichabod x Reader
You walked into the alcove trying not to cry as the scent of books hit you. Your boyfriend for two years Elias had dumped you, claimed you were cheating when you knew it was him who constantly cheated. You wore an oversized hoodie with a pair of black leggings. You walked in Jenny, Abby, and Crane all stared at you. Abby ran to you and hugged you tightly.
"Oh sweetheart. I'm so sorry." She whispered while you pressed your face into the crook of her neck inhaling the Apple scent of her dark hair.
"He thought I was cheating on him." You cried. Abby's grip tightened. You made eye contact with him before you could stop yourself. You got helplessly lost in his blue eyes. Jenny kept you busy in thinking mode by helping them with their case. Ichabod didn't do much but stare at you pity in his gaze. You always caught him staring at you from across the room between the walls of the book fort you had built around you. Almost two hours had past and more stolen glances were exchanged. That is unti
:iconartist3487:Artist3487 9 0
Water - Ichabod Crane x Reader
"Did you pay a fee for that?"
She nods her head, slowly, removing the bottle from her lips. Ichabod continues to stare at her as she returns her cap to the empty bottle.
"Why do you pay for something when you could easily get it for free from a tap?"
"Because there are chemicals in the tap water," She explains. "It's better to drink bottled water. Also, you always reuse the bottles once you're finished."
She stands up. He continues to watch her as she moves across the room towards the small bin that is settling in the corner.
"But you're going to throw that away. Why throw it away when it can be reused?"
"I hoard a lot of bottles at home so I don't need anymore." (Y/N) throws the bottle into the bin. It hits the empty bin with a gentle thump.
"I could always use it."
"For what exactly?" Ichabod opens his mouth but, before his words can pass his lips, she cuts him off. "You can't fill it up with tap water."
"Why not?"
"Because you can't. Just because you died doesn't mean you're immune
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 59 32
Hannibal x Reader - Bloodstream
Bloodstream - Stateless
Wake up and look me in the eyes again
I need to feel your hand upon my face

It was a rare occasion when Hannibal couldn't sleep. He wasn't the kind of person to let daily life interfere with his dreams.
But he had been awake all night, unable to fall asleep. He felt guilty. 
He was sure she was gone by now. She was probably at home, sleeping soundly. He sighed and got out of bed. It was no use lingering on the past, so he thought. He changed into a dress shirt and a vest, slightly more underdressed than usual. He was not in the mood to dress fully; he didn't have any plans anyway. He had decided that he would stay home and rest. 
He made the bed, drew the curtains and put his books back on the shelf. He closed his bedroom door and walked down the long hallway into the living room. 
She was sleeping on the couch. He was mildly surprised, though he didn't show it. He looked at her closely. 
Her face was flushed and her eyel
:iconsigynsfanlit:sigynsfanlit 123 38
Hannibal x Reader - Secrets
_____________ had always been a foreign sort of girl to Hannibal. She was beautiful and extraordinarily creative. Her perspective on things was quite refreshing to him. It wasn't the same, typical story you'd hear from someone who had gone mad.
But he knew she wasn't deranged. She was in fact quite rational, and brilliant. She was peculiar, perhaps, but not insane. 
She rested in the velvety chair, running her hands along the waxy wooden arms. Her fingertips ghosted along the smooth carvings along the sides. She glanced around the library, looking at the various titles. The shelves were swathed in anatomy books, but occasionally there was a book on philosophy, or the arts. The gold lettering shone in the dim light, odd against the matte red covers. She closed her eyes, somewhat preparing herself for the meeting ahead.
Hannibal stood in the doorframe, watching her for a moment before clearing his throat. She turned slightly to acknowledge him before turning around again.&
:iconsigynsfanlit:sigynsfanlit 122 63
Mature content
Close Encounters (Hannibal x Introverted!Reader)6 :iconhannibalsolo1:HannibalSolo1 20 15
Mature content
Close Encounters (Hannibal x Introverted!Reader)5 :iconhannibalsolo1:HannibalSolo1 14 2
Mature content
Close Encounters (Hannibal x Introverted!Reader)4 :iconhannibalsolo1:HannibalSolo1 12 7
Mature content
Close Encounters (Hannibal x Introverted!Reader)3 :iconhannibalsolo1:HannibalSolo1 11 7
Mature content
Close Encounters (Hannibal x Introverted!Reader)2 :iconhannibalsolo1:HannibalSolo1 16 1
Mature content
Close Encounters (Hannibal x Introverted!Reader)1 :iconhannibalsolo1:HannibalSolo1 35 4
This is My Design (Hannibal Lector x Reader)
This is Hannibal x Reader! It contains no lemons but does have some romantic acts. (WARNING: if you have not seen the full series, this contains spoilers towards the end so if you don't like spoilers..than don't read!!!) also, this has some ideas of mine in it (like your character being vegetarian XD and a maid and junk) but it follows the same plotline of Hannibal. Enjoy!
 " I know..what you'll do to me," i fumbled with my coffee cup, my fingers shaking ever so slightly,"
   I know of the consequences.." I stared down at the coffee mixture.
   Lector's eyes trailed past my face, down to my shaking coffee cup in my hands. His cold, calm eyes always sent shivers up my spine. Here I was..supposed to be this maid of his..this housekeeper and turned into an accomplice to a murderer- a cannibal.
:iconzombie-rawwrr:ZOMBIE-RAWWRR 53 5
Mature content
Different - Hannibal x Reader (Chapter Six) SMUT :iconmissdarlingdead:missdarlingdead 98 38
Going Mad - Hannibal x Reader (5)
When you returned home, none of the lights were on. The TV, however, was blaring some action movie in front of the recliner where Lee was sitting. You sat on the couch beside him and tilted your head. He looked... tired. There were a few scratches on his face, which you hoped had come from your own nails.
“Lee? I... I’m sorry about the argument we had last night... how are you feeling?” As you glanced around the room, looking for any hint of evidence, you began to feel bad. How could you really be so suspicious of him? After all, you and Lee had been good friends since you were very young.
“I’m... fine...” His voice was broken and far away as he stared blankly at the television screen. You just needed the reassurance.
“Honey... I have something to ask you, if you don’t mind...” You attempted a weak smile. “Do you or any of your friends at work know anything about the murders that have been happening?”
There. It was horri
:iconkawaiinothing:kawaiinothing 77 47
Going Mad - Hannibal x Reader (4)
Morning came quickly, but not fast enough. Your dreams abandoned you, letting you be in the dark all night, hearing only the screams of your sister. By the time you felt sunlight pressing on your eyelids, it felt like you hadn’t gotten any sleep at all. You felt sore, and the fight with Lee came back to your recollection. You remembered it a bit better now, what had happened. After you’d shoved Lee off of you, he’d gone into a rage. The two of you had screamed and threw punches until he’d pinned you against the wall and knocked you out. Then... you’d walked up to Hannibal’s. You felt a warm bed around you. Was walking to his home a dream? Your eyes fluttered open, yet you held still. The gentle scent of Hannibal drifted over your nose as you turned over and your cheek hit the fluffy pillow. This... was an unfamiliar bed. It must have been his. You were warm and comfortable... you felt safe for the first time since Martha was found. It was still hard
:iconkawaiinothing:kawaiinothing 32 7


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Commission prices. All pieces are colored. Please send a note when you want a commission. Pieces are all digital right now. Points are the same amount for digital as they are for traditional.

Digital pieces

Bust up: Juniper Evans by Yaten-Kous-Girl

Waist Up: DJ with a mic by Yaten-Kous-Girl

Full Body: DJ by Yaten-Kous-Girl

Couple: Black Day 2012 by Yaten-Kous-Girl

Note these ones will be sent in mail except for over seas so state only for shipping.

Chibi- $5 Background extra $2

Head Shot- $5 Background extra $2

Full Body-$10 Background extra $2

Extra Character- $2 for each extra

Sketched Pieces

Chibi- $3

Head Shot- $3

Full Body- $7

Extra Character- $2 for each extra

Digital Prices
Chibi- $6 Background $2
Headshot- $6 Background $2
Waist up- $10 Background $2
Full body- $12 Background $2
Extra Character- $2 for each extra one.

Point Commissions
Note these ones will not be sent in mail
15 Points- Chibi
15 Points- Head shot
25 Points- Waist Up
28 Points Full Body
5 point for each extra character.

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Sorry that I have been gone for so long. I didn't mean to pull a disappearing act. I had moved and lost internet and didn't have a computer to use. Now I got my own laptop again and have internet again. So I am pretty happy to have that back. I am sorry that I haven't uploaded anything in a long time. I promise once I get a printer and scanner I will upload all my pictures that I have drawn in the past year. I promise that I will  do all of the art trades and commissions that I have finished. I just haven'tn had much time to do so. So I promise I really that I will get them up.
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Dorothy Jean Baker
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My luverly little groups (please join)- :iconsm-and-sm-oc-luv:

I'm on tumblr by a different name lunarsaturn88 where I post my stories. I am posting some of my art work over there. So don't report if you see my art work is seen on tumblr.

As you can tell from some of my drawings that I have a thing for DX and Shawn Michaels. DX is an awesome group and Shawn Michaels is an awesome dude. His name to me is still the heart breaker. He is still a looker these days even though he is a lot older than I remember him.

I am also a Harry Potter fan. I kind of got drawn into it when I was reading the books and then watched the movies. I enjoy them both even though that the books are a little bit different than the movies, but I enjoy Harry Potter Series even though they are taken in a different context.

I do take requests to draw art work. Just tell me what you want and I will do it. Give me time to do it because I am going to be planning a wedding in about a year for myself and my fiance. But I will draw art work for people if they ask. Either comment on my page or send me an email. Just please tell me what you want and I will draw it to the best of my ability.

I am also a major WWE fan. I have been to two live events. One pay-per-view Armageddon in 2007 and the May 5, 2009 Smackdown and ECW Live event recordings. I will also get to go to Cyber Sunday 2009 this year. I can't wait to see what happens. I would love to see Jeff Hardy as Champion again. He looks good with the gold around his waist just like Christian.

I am a fan of Jeff Hardy, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Melina, John Morrison, CM Punk, Undertaker, Finlay, Hornswoggle, and Batista.

As you can also tell I am very much a Michael Jackson fan. I will be participating in Thrill the World 2009 this year. I will be having fun and hopefully you fans of MJ will be there supporting those who are dancing or supporting by dancing in the Thrill the World 2009.

I am apart of these Clubs
:iconhostclub: :iconcolorbetweenlines: :iconmaidensofmusicroom3:
:iconouranhighocs: :iconouran-host-club-ocs: :iconmy-unique-art:
:iconyear-in-art: :iconvampire-knight-ocs: :iconouranxoc-love:
:icontrunksxminako: :iconemokaka-offical: :iconfantasticfemales:
:iconobsessed-of-st: :iconmarauders-order: :iconyugiohoriginals:
:iconotaku-senshi-sistas: :icontim-burton-club: :iconsirius-black-fans:
:iconseverussnapefans: :icondrachearannakshrine: :icond-generation-x-army:
:iconoc-sanctuary: :iconthe-oc-order: :iconnew-artist-love:
:iconyugiohfancharacters: :iconygo-ocs-club: :icontenshixseiya:
:icondracheas-harem: :iconzodiac-senshi-club: :icona-ban-be-a-ban:
:icondrachearannak-fc: :iconjeffhardyclub: :iconwwefansocs:
:iconshawn-michaelslover: :iconsailorplanet: :iconthe-twilight-union:
:icontwilights-fan-club: :icontwilightobsessed: :icondreamtwilight:
:iconheavenly-princesses: :iconsm-and-sm-oc-luv: :iconyatenxminako:
:iconeternal-love-club: :iconrinichibiusa: :iconcoolgirls:
:iconsailormoon-dbz-club: :iconhogwarts-sisterhood: :iconsailor-stars:
:iconsailorhenshin-club: :iconelvesofelfquest: :iconcatsfans:
:iconkitty-kat-klub: :iconmj-fanclub: :iconmj-fans-unite:
:iconsouthpark-sp-ocs: :iconmichael-jackson-club: :iconmjj-fans-united:
:iconmichaeljjackson4ever: :iconart-dedicated-to-mjj: :iconsouthparkluvclub:
:iconsailormoonlove: :iconmangaanimelovers: :iconloveocs:
:iconharrypotteroc: :iconmarauders-club: :iconhogwartsart:
:iconunseenartists: :iconoriginality-club: :iconsm-fanatic-club:

Current Residence: Strattanville, PA
Favourite genre of music: gothic punk
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
MP3 player of choice: Eclipse
Favourite cartoon character: sailor saturn
Personal Quote: Sometimes loving someone means you end up getting hurt in more ways then one


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